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You bought your luxury boat to enjoy life on the water. But you’re discovering that transporting your boat from one place to the other during vacation season is not so luxurious. Now, you’re searching for a solution to make your life just a little bit easier.

Does that sound like you? If so, you may need boat transportation services. Boat transportation services can help get your boat from one location to another on time and with less hassle than if you were to do it yourself. 

A boat transport company can save you a serious headache. But what exactly is a boat transport company and what can they do for you? We’re covering those questions and more in this guide.

Want to know all the reasons you need to hire a boat transport company this year? Keep reading for everything you need to know. 

What is a Boat Transport Company?

If you need to transport your boat across the country, you may want to consider using a boat transport company to do it. A boat transport company has all the equipment needed to take your heavy vessel across state lines. Considering the headache transporting a boat can be, boat transport companies reduce the hassle of trying to move the boat with your own equipment. 

When you hire a boat transport company, they’ll take all the necessary measurements to assure your boat is safe and secure during travel. 

What’s more, these companies only hire professionals who know all about boats. This helps them understand what questions to ask and how to prepare to transport your boat. You can always feel rest assured that your property is in the hands of experts when you choose to hire a boat transport company.

Why Use Boat Transportation Services?

Transporting a large object like a boat across state lines or even across county lines can be a huge undertaking. 

Not only do you have to figure out how to rent a transportation vehicle and load the boat yourself but you also have to deal with the state and local regulations during transport. US roads are notorious for being difficult about load size. 

For example, the state of Connecticut only allows big loads to travel on Tuesday and Thursday between certain hours. And wait, there’s more! You also can’t travel with a big load at all if there’s any bad weather to speak of. 

Some states allow you to purchase special permits to drive a big load during abnormal hours. What’s more, you may have to obtain a professional license to drive a vehicle big enough to transport your boat. 

When you hire a boat transport company instead, they get all the necessary licenses and permits. They know the roads to avoid and the approved routes that will get them to your destination quickly and with ease. 

Even better? Many boat transport companies offer insurance to assure your boat gets where it’s supposed to be in one piece. How’s that for peace of mind?

Types of Boat Transport Services

Depending on the kind of boat you need to be transported, there are different kinds of transport services to suit your every need. 

For example, shrinkwrapping. Shrinkwrapping is best for boats sensitive to damage. This method prevents moisture and sea salt from abrading your boat body job. What’s more, it keeps water and moisture from ruining the interior of your boat.

Trailer transport, on the other hand, is for boats that are less susceptible to damage. You roll your boat onto a trailer bed before its transported to the carrier. Once you arrive at your destination, getting your boat off the trailer is as easy as a roll.

If you need to transport your boat from your inland home to your favorite boating destination, there’s a service for that, too. Boat transport companies will pick up your boat wherever it is and transport it to your chosen waterfront location.

Similarly, you may prefer to use interstate boat transfer for taking your boat from one coast to the other. Transporting large loads like a boat runs into issues with highway and road regulations about load size. With the experts at a boat transport company, though, you won’t have to worry about figuring out all these regulations yourself. 

Instead, just leave the boat transportation to the experts. 

Who Needs Boat Transportation Services?

Need to move your boat for a special occasion? How about just to take it to a more permanent location when summer’s over? Or is there a hurricane touching down near your lake house and you want to protect your nautical investment?

Whatever your reason is for wanting to transport your boat from one place to another, boat transportation services can help you. 

Boat transport companies will usually take any kind of boat. This includes commercial or personal boats. It also includes:

  • Standard boats
  • Yachts
  • Freighters
  • And more!

When it comes to boat owners and companies that own freights, the real question is: who doesn’t need boat transportation services? A boat transport company is the absolute best way to get your boat from one place to another. And that’s the bottom line.

Boat Transport Services in Florida

Are you searching for a boat transport company? Florida Boat Transport is a veteran-owned company in Florida that can transport your boat across state lines. Schedule a transport with us today and find out how much easier life is without having to travel with your boat yourself.